Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This place is like a god-damned Benetton ad.

Chinese people, german people, british people, scandinavian people. Asians, africans, europeans and americans. They're all here, and what's more, we all get along great. So far at least.

Obviously, there are groups, clicks (or is it cliques?) and gangs of pakistanis, blacks and chinese people for example, but generally, it's a rather mixed bunch, united by their love of alcohol and general decadence. The brits talk funny, the americans are [mostly] overweight and the scandinavians are all blond, tall and arian. Not that I'm one for generalizations....

You just have to love the giant smoargoasboard that is campus, and how you stop separating the people you see on the street when you realize that all students form some sort of bizarre amalgamate of what's considered to be the typical student. They mutate, begin to slowly transform. Talking the same, walking the same, laughing in the same way. I half-expect to open the door of a lecture theater and find the queen bee perched infront of the podium, busily keeping the hive-mind working.

There also seems to be an abundance of soccerballs around here (sorry, football). They're in the halls, out in campus or sometimes left in the bushes after a drunken night of "beerball". You start recognizing that a crumpled-up coke can is actually a football left from the night before, and the drunk guy kicking it was Beckham in that one moment, even without the faux-homoerotic haircut.

Me likes, me likes.

Very enjoyable.


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emo. <3

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